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Blue Titanium Rings

Thin Blue Line Ring

As men's wedding rings grow in popularity, so do the styles and variety of designs, like the thin blue line ring made from Titanium. Initially titanium rings were available in black and the standard grey titanium colors. Today, this is not the case, and through anodization, artisans and manufacturers are able to add touches of color, including blue rings, that create an even more unique item than before.

A Colorful Transformation

The process of adding a blue line to titanium is a complicated one. It is done through anodization, which an oxide film is applied to the ring with varying voltage levels in order to determine the color. No longer are consumers stuck between choosing a gray or black band, there are now so many more choices of rings to pick from.

It is possible to have color rated combinations, like if your ring is silver or gray, you can have a blue cable or line running through the item, adding a touch of character and style. Stunning new looks can be achieved through the anodization process.

Thin Blue Line Ring is the New You

With many colors to choose from, we take special pride in our blue rings that we offer for sale. The various blue line rings are sure to capture the attention of those around you. Whether you’re looking for  wedding rings or just simply adding another ring to your collection, as a seller, we are pleased to offer a customer a number of different blue rings with a number of different styles and designs.

Feedback and responses from customers who have purchased a thin blue line ring has been exceptional. A popular ring style is to have a small narrow line carved from the titanium (which takes special care due to the extreme strength of titanium) and the item anodized in blue, creating a truly thin line spectacular look.

Adding More Style to the Blue

When you buy a blue titanium ring, you are not just stuck with the ring as it is. Rings are available with gemstones such as a diamond, adding even more flare. Engraving is also possible if you’d like to add a special phrase or message to the inlay. What better way is there to customize your premium blue titanium ring?

Size is Everything

Before you buy online, we want to make sure that you’re ordering the right ring size. Since titanium is extremely durable, it cannot be sized the same way that gold, platinum, tungsten, stainless steel, silver, and other precious metals can.

Fortunately when you buy a ring from us, you will receive our lifetime guarantee as one of the added bonuses. As your finger changes in size over time, for a small fee we will replace your blue titanium ring with a new one, in your new size.

The best way to prevent an issue with sizing is to request a free ring sizer kit so you know you'll get the perfect comfort-fit ring when the item arrives.

Your Satisfaction is Just One of our Guarantees

As a seller, we stand behind our blue rings. We are proud to offer 100% satisfaction and lifetime guarantee with your purchase when you shop with us. Check out our feedback and reviews from other customers, you’ll see that we help relieve the worries and stresses from making such a special purchase.

Most rings require 2 to 3 weeks before shipping for Edward Mirell and Titanium Rings Studio. They manufacture each ring individually. Benchmark keeps supply on hand so shipping can occur within a day or two.

Free USA shipping is delivered with FedEx, UPS and USPS. We send your order to the designer typically the same day. When rings are ready for shipment, you are notified by email with the shipping tracking number.

We also offer price matching. If you’re shopping through wholesalers like DHGate, or from a seller such as Amazon, Etsy or Overstock, simply give us a call with their price and we will match it. Bids for items on eBay unfortunately may not qualify for this policy, as they are often second-hand, low rated items from the seller.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority! Be sure to shop with us for your engagement or wedding jewelry bands. A hin blue line ring is sure to make you stand out even more on your special day.

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